Easter Catering

Easter Catering

Dear Guests, 

It is deeply saddening that we can’t cook for you, feed you or host you in our restaurant at the moment. To fill this void we have decided to open a smokehouse U Fukiera for all of you. It has never happened before! 

You will find here only our own products – meat of the best quality and unique recipes by Magda Gessler and Chef Patryk Burnicki. All prepared with love, great care and sterility. Completely natural and without any flavour enhancers. 

We also offer traditinal easter dishes based on the best quality products.

Enjoy the extraordinary taste of homemade products! 

We already accept orders for Easter holidays at fukier@ufukiera.pl and +48 600 999 933.

The pickup and delivery are available.

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“U Fukiera” is the oldest restaurant in Warsaw with a tradition dating back to the early 16th century.