Herring side-dish with celery

Polish sirloin tartare with free-range yolk, lavish!

Venision liver pate baked by us, accompanied by marinade and horseradish

Polish pigs’ feet jelly, old style marinated with Boletes vinegar

Beetroot carpaccio with Solan cheese with rocket and dill vinegar and roasted peppers

Polish cheese platter for two people, perfect with wine and not just

Hot Starters

Lithuanian Koldunai with zabaglione and lovage

Pelmieni with Masurian Sturgeon in real butter emulsion

Prawns in a clay pot, with olive oil and half a head of garlic

Foie gras with porcini mushrooms

Milk-fed veal dumplings topped with fried bacon with melted lard

Polish dumplings stuffed with porcini mushroom and cabbage

Duck dumplings with caramelized apples

Dumplings seletion with milk-fed veal, duck, cabbage and mushrooms


Warsaw tripe soup cooked with veal shank, served in Old-Polish way grated Bursztyn cheese

Aromatic chicken soup with homemade noodles

Borscht like a ruby, cooked with sourdough starter and Antonovka peels, served with a patty

Sour rye soup with porcini mushrooms with a white sausage made by our butcher

Magda Gessler’s Solyanka acidified with the juice of fresh pickled cucumber


Ceasar salad sprinkled with Bursztyn cheese with real anchovies and organic, free-range chicken

Ceasar salad sprinkled with Bursztyn cheese with real anchovies and prawns

Ruby salad with pomegranate and caramelized beetroot, served with gorgonzola toast

I’m in seventh heaven… heavenly gardens avocado, spinach, mushrooms, rocket, bacon, cheese

Our Best Polish Fish

Sturgeon fillet with white groats and hollandaise sauce

Masurian catfish with kohlrabi salad and young potatoes with dill

Main Courses

Veal chop with a fried egg and creamy cucumber salad

Veal shank with homemade Silesian dumplings and a leek

Veal liver steak accompanied by redcurrant glaze

Polish Pearl Barley Cabbage Rolls with aromatic Boletes sauce

Seasonal risotto

Pork chop with cabbage, frying-pas-sized

Duck Polish typically – baked with Antonovkas, the whole half

Lamb shoulder baked in rosemary, thyme and wine marinade served with rice Pilaf and sugar-coates cherry tomatoes

Beef Sirloin Tournedo Steak with potato dumpling and green pepper sauce


Cream of Anything Soup with pistachios meringue clouds, ice creams and fruits

Moelleux au chocolat a wonderfully chocolate one with ice creams and nuts

Halva parfait, whisk by us with orange juice

Original honey cake traditional and delighful

Ruby apple pie baked with meringue with cinnamon, and that’s that!

Cheesecake Cracovian one with raisins

Ice cream sundae with seasonal fruits

A service charge of 10% will be added to the bill.
Please ask your waiter if you require any information regarding allergies or intolerances.