Herring fish a local delicacy, served in aromatic oil dressing or with sour cream, apple and onion salad

Polish-style steak tartare hand-chopped beef served with onion and runny egg yolk

Beef carpaccio hserved with rocket and Parmesan cheese

Board of Polish goat cheese for two, to pair with wine or the way you like

Salmon tartare the finest smoked salmon seasoned with sesame snaps, freshly grated horseradish root and guacamole

Hot Starters

Lithuanian small dumplings served in zabaglione with lovage or topped with butter

Hot prawns sautéed in oil infused with garlic

Sauteed foie gras served on tree cake with Calvados applesauce

Crispy hash browns made of seasoned shredded potatoes cooked to golden brown, served with smoked salmon

Meat dumplings stuffed with seasoned ground veal and sprinkled with pork scratchings

Russian-style dumpling served with chopped mint leaves


Warsaw-style beef tripe broth with delicate beef giblets

Golden consommé made by simmering best quality meat and vegetables

Ruby-red beetroot soup cooked with delicious apples, served with a meat pasty


Ceasar salad with Parmesan cheese served with chicken or shrimp

Provence Salad with tomato and rosemary & honey grilled goat cheese

Green garden Salad romaine lettuce, avocado, spinach, mushrooms, rocket and crispy bacon salad sprinkled with Parmesan

Romantic Salad with smoked goose breast and raspberry vinaigrette

Indian summer salad served with edible flowers and cucumber papprdelle

Our Best Polish Fish

Zander fish roasted and served with asparagus and spinach

Salmon grilled with aromatic vegetables

Sturgeon with citrus salad accompanied by velvety Dutch sauce and caviar

Main Courses

Veal chops cooked Polish-style, served with quail eggs and green cucumber salad with creamy dressing

Beef sirloin in wine and wild mushroom sauce, with potato dumplings

Veal shank w served with homemade Silesian dumplings and leeks

Roasted shoulder of lamb in red wine sauce with rosemary & thyme

Roast half duck with apple stuffing

Duck breast served with potato gratin and braised red beetroots

Traditional pork chop served with braised cabbage

Seasonal risotto


Soup of “Nothing” meringue floating on crème anglaise with a topping of red berries

Moelleux au chocolat zdeliciously chocolaty molten lava cake with blueberries

Halva parfait with pistachio meringue on orange syrup

Jelly on red wine rich in red forest fruit

Ruby apple pie baked with meringue with cinnamon and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Traditional cheesecake from Cracow, on the way to Vienna

Ice cream dessert with seasonal fruits

A service charge of 10% will be added to the bill.
Please ask your waiter if you require any information regarding allergies or intolerances.